A leader in foam technology, Foam Generation Inc. uses the Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process. The RIM process allows us to produce an almost infinite possibility of shapes and densities designed to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Polyurethane foam’s self-skinning surface makes products durable and easy to clean. The flexible products are unique in that they are weather, UV, and tear-resistant with a durable, easy wash finish. In foam products that require an extra level of support and security, inserts made from a variety of materials such as high gauge steel are used.

Foam Generation is proud to serve a wide variety of industries, including:


From buses to snowmobiles, padding is a critical component for rider safety and comfort.  Professional quality, durability and longevity are what sets Foam Generation products apart from the competition.

Some examples of parts Foam Generation has manufactured for the transportation industry include grab rails and full dashboards for tour buses. 


Foam Generation manufactures durable polyurethane products that stand up to UV light, harsh weather conditions and constant use on rugged terrain.  

Our products can be customized to showcase a company's brand name and logo in a variety of textures and densities.


Our products provide a high level of padding, shock absorption and safety.  They stand up to the elements and the daily wear and tear caused by adults and children.  Using the RIM process, we can provide a seamless products that is water resistant and easy to clean to help prevent premature wear and tear.


We have the ability to incorporate a variety of inserts made out of metal, plastic or wood into our foam that allows for quick installation without the use of specialty tools.

An examples of our technical furniture is polyurethane nosing which goes along the edge of a desk to add stability and longevity to work surfaces.


We produce a variety of healthcare parts including wheelchair headrests, armrests and chest harnesses.  We also produce portable raised toilet seat pads that are easy to install and clean, and are more comfortable that traditional plastic toilet seat risers. 


Our rigid foam cores are lightweight, high strength, and cost effective compared to other composite reinforcement material.  When sandwiched between sheets of fiberglass, they can dramatically increase stiffness without adding a lot of weight.


Foam Generation produces high quality, durable and comfortable seating solutions that promote good posture with innovative designs.