What are these products made out of?

Our products are made out of self-skinning polyurethane foam.  We inject the the two liquid components of foam into a mold where they cure and create a water-resistant skin.  Then the solid piece is demolded, trimmed, and packed for shipping. 

How do I clean them?

All of our products can be cleaned with soap and water.  They are all seamless so water will not seep inside the product.  They can also be wiped with disinfecting wipes, but be sure to follow the instructions on the disinfectant container so that skin irritation from the cleaner does not occur. 

How do I install the toilet seat?

Find the left and right sides of the seat.  They are marked on the bottom with LH and RH.  Gently pull the bottom side of the toilet seat apart and clip onto the toilet seat.  Test to make sure the seat is stable before sitting down. 

Who is the manufacturer?

We are, Foam Generation Group!  All of our products are produced in our facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  From raw material to finished product, we oversee everything.